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How to create slightly improved vanilla weapons?

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Is there a way to replicate these vanilla weapons and create customs out of them but add on like 10% of DMG etc?  T6 are what stats I grabbed by spawning in-game (using bundle box!) and the T7 are like 10% increase but 5% on durability but problem is the spawns can vary quite alot!

We're trying to create some consistency in the weapons but wondering how to dictate the stats we would like and how to prevent them making rng, seems we can only know for sure when we enter the game each time so if its wrong its a bit of a pain.

If anyone has done this before or knows the best way to tackle then I'm all ears, I'll also extend this to a bit of a request if anyone fancies taking on make a bunch of these weapons at all? 


damage per minute.png

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