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Game's mod path not working

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In summary, after the recent update that allows you to change the location of the data folder, it mentioned mods being able to be moved as well. As I tried following what was written, I can't seem to get the mods working regardless of what's done. What exactly should I be doing to get the mods to functionally work if I were to change the destination folder for mods?

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2 hours ago, Gako21 said:

This guide by Sylen goes over it quite well I think. If you have questions about any specific part of it, presenting them would make it easier for us to give accurate information.


So I actually just found out the main problem. The mod or "set" of mods in the pack was not actually loading (probably because of recent changes from the update in some kind of way) and that was the main issue. The issue has been resolved. Sorry for the trouble.

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