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[a20.5] Higher view distance uses an increasingly large amount of RAM; is this normal? [figured it out]


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What the title says.


My relevant specs:

Radeon RX 580 8GB

Ryzen 5 3600x

16GB RAM (one of my sticks broke so I sent it in for repairs, used to have 32GB)

Running Windows 10 at ~2.4GBs memory altogether, nothing intensive in the background.

(Everything else here runs the game just fine, btw, no more than 40-50% overall, even on horde night or in a city)


Running with modlets, but none of them are resource intensive (in fact, none of them have any outside resources at all, they're just small XML edits for Quality of Life stuff)


My problem, which I'm not sure if it's a bug so I won't report it as one in the event that it isn't: Setting the View Distance to anything but Low/Near causes my game to run pretty high in memory usage (almost 80%). It doesn't feel like a lot when running the game—no massive frame drops or stutters— but discovering new chunks in a 6K map ends up taking up a lot more RAM than expected. However, the difference in usage between Low/Near and Medium is almost 30% of my RAM; at its lowest setting I only run at about ~50-60% RAM.


Should I be worried? It is a little annoying having the view distance so low because POI and block pop-in is very close, I practically have to be right next to the block in order for it to pop in. Unless a different setting is causing that, then I have no idea.


I can post my Video settings if need be but pretty much everything but DoF, SSAO, and Object Quality is set to its lowest possible. And none of those settings raise my RAM as much as changing the view distance (it's about a percentage or two with everything on).


(And yeah, I know that it's only super bad if I'm running at 100% anything for a sustained amount of time, but almost 80% is a little close for comfort imo)


Ignore literally everything I said, the bump from 50ish to 80% had to have been a one-time bug or something, because now it's running at the same with View distance Medium and LOD at 100% 😩

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