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Raising and Lowering UI Elements—which elements to raise in order to raise the entire Inventory HUD? [a15]

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Weird question, I know. Currently playing old Alphas because my game can't run A20 and A15 was the first one I ever played, so... Anyway, I've followed three tutorials so far: one for making a larger backpack (worked like a charm!), one for changing the minibike's storage (also worked like a charm!), and one for changing the scale of the entire HUD itself (it's the perfect size now!).


However, with the scale change, most of my UI now sits closer towards the bottom of the screen, especially my minibike's storage. The last row of storage is practically a second toolbar. It's awkward to play with.


I have some wiggle room between the top of the general "UI" and the compass (at best guess, maybe ~50-80 pixels, perhaps 100), and I was wondering how do I raise the UI without changing the scale? Changing the scale back to default causes the backpack and minibike storage spaces to extend past the visible screen and I'm honestly fine with the smaller UI overall. It reminds me more of A20's backpack mods with the smaller item squares.


Tl;DR how do I raise the entirety of the UI (minus the toolbar and compass) up about 100 pixels? Do I have to raise every single element up individually, or is there a master controller for every element somewhere, similar to the master scale modifier?

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