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You've ruined the server browser

Cragz UK

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Hi not only is the server browser anti user friendly the search results are terrible. Issues with current iteration are:


•  Can no longer browse all servers, you can only search by region

• Search results are not showing server pings, just N/A so therefore regions are mixed. For example I am in Europe and there is only one server showing a ping which is incorrect. It is a 15 ping server but showing as 108 ping. The rest of the servers are N/A so the list is 50% Japanese named servers.

• Incomplete server list. Since the browser was updated it no longer shows the full list of EU servers and you get an error saying search limited reached at only 147 servers most of which are Japanese or chinese.

• You cannot refresh the search and have to go back to region selection first.


How on earth were these changed authorised ? Its terrible. Looks like it also helped kill off a number of the most well known servers too.

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