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Trader quest distance


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Hi Folks,


Have any of you any experience with how the distance is set on trader quests? I was looking to expand the radius of T3 and T4 to provide some variation, but they seem to only offer quests for POI's within a set distance, until T5 which appears to be map wide.


I did find a few distance properties for treasure maps and dig quests, but adding the variable inside the fetch/clear quests did nothing, and adding it to the RandomPOIGoto objective throws an error.


Other than amending the POI xml files to make more of them T5, any ideas on whether this could be done?

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I came here looking for the same thing. Created a POI with all the Traders under ground and they all seem to be only offering dig quests. I have tried placing them above and still have the same issue. I am beginning to wonder if I need to alter the range of available quests. 

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