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Method for AoE Melee Power Attack

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Hi, I'm working on adding an AoE (Area of Effect) attack for the Machete's Power Attack.


My first plan was to alter the strike/swing hitbox, but I cant seem to figure out a few things (I swear I saw a video that showed the enable/disable of weapon's swing/hitbox)

1) I've looked up Console Commands to see if there is a command to see weapon swings/hitbox, for ease of testing. (Cant find command)

2) I've searched Youtube for a video that shows weapon swings, but cant seem to find it.




So my plan was to mess with a weapon's "MaxRange" and its "SwingDegrees" and "SwingAngle" to see if I can make a 360 degree swing, and use "MaxRange" to increase the range/size of the swing/hitbox. Enabling visual weapon swing/hitbox would help to see what changing those variable's values would do.

So for testing I'm pretty much messing with these values, but not getting a 360 degree attack:

   <set xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnBladeT0BoneKnife']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='SwingDegrees']/@value">360</set>
   <set xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnBladeT0BoneKnife']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='SwingAngle']/@value">-60</set>
   <set xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnBladeT0BoneKnife']/effect_group[@name='meleeWpnBladeT0BoneKnife']/passive_effect[@name='MaxRange']/@value">5.0</set>




Since I'm having trouble with that method, here is my temporary method:

1) Strike an enemy

2) Apply a buff to enemies around you

3) buff deals damage


Weapon for Testing AoE Buff:

   <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnBladeT0BoneKnife']/effect_group[@name='Power Attack']">">
      <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfSecondaryActionRayHit" action="AddBuff" target="selfAOE" range="5" target_tags="zombie,animal" buff="buffProcAoECleave"/>


AoE Buff:

      <buff name="buffProcAoECleave" hidden="true">
      <stack_type value="replace"/>
      <duration value="0.5"/>
            <passive_effect name="HealthChangeOT" operation="base_add" value="-150"/>


This method works, but the only issue is, sometimes this buff isnt applied to some enemies. I feel like it has to due with the Buff's duration being less than 1 second, and how "HealthChangeOT" might work.



So basically from this post I'm hoping to get some advise on how to make Method 1 work, and also why the buff might not always apply from Method 2


Thanks for reading!

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