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Poisonous plants in buildings

Rare Avantgarde Rat

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Poisonous Plants idea

The idea is to add plants that emit poisonous spores into the air . It will be possible to find them only in endgame buildings and in order to be near them without harm to health , a gas mask will be needed .Plants will most often be found in large accumulations of corpses (the logic is that plants will grow from dead bodies or very close to them in order to use decomposing bodies as a source of nutrients).







alt version


One of the first sketches I made . I would like the visual appearance of the plant to be closer to this than what is in image 1.More like the thin roots of a tree, but the structure height is lower and less dense than in these drawings




Gas Mask ideas

It would also make sense to add several types of gas masks, for example:
--homemade mask (tier0)
-the most common cheap gas mask (similar to the one in the STALKER game) (tier 1)
--modern military gas mask (tier 2)
The difference between them is how long the filter will work .

Tier 0 - the durability of one filter is not enough to clean the building in one go.
Tier 1 - the durability of one filter is barely enough for a very fast cleaning of the building.
Tier 2 - the durability of one filter is enough for slow and sluggish cleaning of the building

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