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Jack's Game - PvE


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Hey, guys. I have a small server, usually just hosted for myself and friends. There's only a couple of us that play left, so I figured I'd make it public if anyone's interested.


It's vanilla survivalist, but your bag is deleted on death. You get 4x 41 block land claims. I imagine those settings alone will keep the population pretty low, so feel free to come hang out if you want a quiet and relaxed server to play on. We're on for at least few hours every evening.


All I really care about is not claiming important POIs, don't harass anyone, and if you log out right before blood moon, leave a little time for whatever poor sap that logs into it to grab his bullets and get to his horde base.


Search up Jack's Game and grab those crafting perks. You're probably gonna need 'em.

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