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Spawn point and map generation question


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Aaaahhh. Now I understand your question...   This is extremely easy to do.  There are two ways to get that biome:   1).  You can do it yourself. You will need to use GIMP to make a new biomes.png. This is not difficult. At the beginning of the KingGen Map Generator thread in the Tools Forum on this site - Tallman Brad  has a series of instructional videos, and the first one, I think - shows this process. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23988-kinggen-a-random-world-generator-for-7-days-to-die/  (There are also links there to his YouTube site, where there are even more.)  The second way is for someone here to do it for you if you cannot do it for whatever reason. Not everyone finds it "easy"!  If this is the route you wish to pursue - then I suggest you post a sketch here, along with the map size you are using: the biomes.png and map size must be the same. 
The Spawn Point is also easy, as it - or any other number of SP's - is/are recorded - as you said - when the map is created - in the spawnpoints.xml file, where you can find in the same place as your biomes.png file - in the folder that contains your new game map.  All you need is the position - doesn't have to be exact - of the SP, and that file can be edited before you start your new game. Just ask for the help here and you will get it. Ok? 




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Correct me if I'm wrong, but this "method" is exclusevely for KingGen, right? Or there is a way to use custom biomes.png in a standard ingame map generator?

The problem is KingGen is not upadated for A20 yet, and there is no information about that.


The Spawn Point is working great. But I had to delete other spawn points, and leave only new ones.

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Yes - that how I do the SP's too, Artoniel, but the biomes.png are not exclusive to KingGen: I created an 8k RWG map in A20, and all I did was backup the original, then edit the biomes.png in GIMP the way I like my biomes to be, and then created new map using the new one. (not creating a new RWG world - just a new map, after swapping out the old biome and dropping in the new one.). I don't like the desert or the wasteland touching snow - at least with a hard line, as 7Days does it, nor do I like a block of snow running right down the centre of the map - plus - I like to blend the biomes into each other, which is the way nature does it.  Anyway - here they are, and it does work and looks great! If you would like a biome - tell me the size and I will do one for you. Literally - it doesn't take more than ten minutes!

Original A20 RWG 8k biome:



New biome:


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