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The gyrocopter...is it time for an upgrade and maybe a total rethink on how it's used? Please comment.


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I was wonder if it's time for the gyrocopter to get an upgrade? I mean, i can deal with the weirdo flying controls but now we fly in fog. Would it help to have a 1st person view with some sort of ground-radar screen to get some idea of what we're flying into. And, i cannot speak for anyone else in this, my gyrocopter has no mod slots. One would agree it would benefit with things like the fuel efficiency mod and a module to speed it up a bit. Possibly a downward light module would improve when we're flying over a hot-zone and need to know what we are dropping our friends into. 


I have seen the mods for more seats and i do thank the author for that. He's going in the right direction with that thinking.


Am i wrong in assuming that, in order to alter the flight controls, it would take code outside of the normal game code? I have no idea so i use the word assume with great humility.


It just feels like more could be done with the gyro, like Quests where you have to drop players into a hot-zone of infestation to fight their way through and pick up a package. That would be a great Quest to play co op. And let's all be honest, a gyrocopter with a module that allows you to drop napalm.....oh so fun. I don't mean make the gyro overly offensive but just enough to make a quest, like i mentioned above, interesting. I also wondered if some "time" related quests, like in Far Cry 5, might make the game more interesting.


I thought about the ability to hover and zip-line but that might be too complicated.


What do you guys think?


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