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thoughts on weapons.


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so during some alpha 20 game play I started trying out the baton weapons and found I like them. but their is no stone (the starting set) version despite actual wooden tonfas existing Example of Wood tonfa. and to me only 3 teirs of weapons seem not only small but not really showing the survival parts to a degree. we have wood/stone then forged iron and then forged steel. while we have a few scrap weapons. it's not really broad enough in my opinion. 

for scrap weapons. Rebar mace. a rebar pole with some kind of container (large iron can maybe) with spikes poking out and filled with dirt or stones for weight. could be used Iron, not forged iron but raw iron, leather/cloth for a handle and duct tape for a binding. rebar spear, mostly a roughly sharped rebar pole with a duct tape and leather handle. iron Shive. a rough piece of sharp scrap metal with a makeshift handle for a basic knife. Driveshaft sledge. mostly a old car's drive shaft with a again leather and duct tape handle used as a sledge. no scrap baton since one already exist (the pipe baton) for tools. scrap hammer. mostly a small solid chunk of metal taped to a wood handle as a modest hammer. scrap axe. like the shive is a chunk of torn metal used as a makeshift axe taped to a large wood handle. Scrap shovel. a old yield sign (due to the pointed triangle shape) taped to a wood handle as a shovel. scrap pick a somewhat sharp metal head also taped to wood as a rough pick.
Still working on a teir 5. I also tried to come with a design  to make the whole thing look more thought out

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