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  1. It doesn't even have to be a main story line though I would love that. It could be a challange list. do set things like kill x number of zombie, do all the quest notes, find rare item X. just some goals with rewards for me to work towards while I play ah cool can't wait for that
  2. One not a complaint. just a thought once I am done with stone age tools I don't carry them with me. so I never end up using their distraction capacity. I thought maybe louder distraction items that could make more noise and call more zombie to a area for whatever reason would be worth looking in to. stones in a tin can is going to make more noise then throwing a rock at a wooden house fire crackers are a small explosion. and you got what is a handheld alarm to throw. you could do many things with them like call a hoard on a rivel group of NPCS or call a nearby hoard to a trap you set.
  3. NOTE. THIS IS NOT A COMPLATE JUST A STATEMENT OF WHAT I PERSONALY FEEL STOPS ME FROM TRULY ENJOYING THIS GAME RIGHT KNOW. my biggest obstacle of the game. Is their is no end goal. I as a player am not very good with out some kind of end goal. I like exploring the worlds of games, fighting tough beasts/foes and trying to survive. But I am not the type to do all that just to say I have. I NEED A REASON. I take on those beat this legendry hard to find let alone kill foes mission because there is a end goal a reason to go after them. I loved hunting the other mercs on the leader board is assassins creed odyssey because I got rewards for it or unlocks they had it be a quest. THEY GAVE ME A REASON WHY. I just can't try to survive 7 extra days just to say I survived 7 more days then last run. to get my point overwith. I believe that something this game needs to really be the game I would play for a long time it needs a end-goal and likely many along the way. it can keep the "thou must" part of these goal minor and let the player do there own thing for the most part. but giving players something to work towards would in my opinion something worth looking in to
  4. oh thanks I did not know that I always used chests
  5. exactly as it sounds. just let players name a chest or other storage device they build. this way you can get some orginization. though I guess using signs could also work just more general terms like one row of chest is for food another is crafting materials or forge materials
  6. as the tool tips talk about you can use small stones or snowballs to distract zombies. but for the most part stones won't be something your going to carry around more so when your not using stone tools/weapons. and snowballs are location specific if your in the desert or anywhere but the snow biome your not going to have snowballs. so why not give more options. Cans filled with stones could make a great noise maker (and be a useful trap to alert you of zombies or other sneaky foes) if you got gunpowder or maybe black powder (early gunpowder) make fire crackers like dying light. or small elcetric noise makers as more final teir distraction.
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