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A couple of glitches in Alpha 20 Experimental. Loot glitches, black flashing and Impervious horde defenses.


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First of all I am loving Alpha 20 experimental so far. But playing with a friend we came across a couple of issues as is to be expected and no big deal. Just giving a heads up.

1) There was a police station attached to a 4Ever video. This POI was right beside the traders, I mean... right beside it. So much so that the trader border limit was going halfway through the Police station. This meant a couple things, it meant we couldn't break the loot boxes to get the loot, we couldn't break the cages to get the armor containers. But the biggest thing is it also meant that one room in particular(the one which you pick up the key) all you had to do was close the door and zombies would never be able to break the door or even the glass. It made it a completely impervious room. Easy horde night anyone?

2) The second game breaking glitch we encountered was: My friend and I were working on a shared mission, we came to the POI and he started to loot some garbage on the ground. While he was doing that action I pressed the confirm on the start mission exclamation. This completely busted my friend, he couldn't loot anything anymore, he could interact with doors. But he could no longer loot anything from any container anywhere.

3) The third issue I am noticing is just a graphical nuisance. When it is night time and everything is dark, the blackness level starts to flicker a little bit. Standing still if I move to the right or the left the blackness will get even darker and sometimes it gets very painful on the eyes.  At first I thought my graphics card was going, but then I noticed it happening for some Youtubers as well.

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