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Paint brush (Adding new paint choices)


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Now, I am not looking to paint cars (someone else did a fabulous job on adding that in), what I want to know is how/if you can add options to the paint brush tool. I am a 2D artist mainly, and went to college for the art side of games. With that in mind, I figured I could just locate the folder that held the presets for the paint brush and just look over the way textures were set, copy this, save as the appropriate file type, and just add to the palette. Disappointingly, I cannot seem to find a folder where this set is held.


Does the paint brush just take it from the Item Icons folder? If so, it's easy enough to add the new art in, but then I would need to figure out where the path is for the brush to make it work.


Is there an easier way to add to this palette? I tried the "build the box with the paint already on it- but those are blurry as hell on mine.

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The short answer: you can't add new textures to the paint brush, unfortunately.


The long answer:


I'm hardly an expert, but this is what I believe is happening, from piecing together things other people have said on the forums.


The block textures (the ones that the paint brush uses) are all stored in a single texture atlas. (You've probably encountered atlases before if you've done web development.) The block data stores the index of the texture in the texture atlas. TFP can't add any more textures to the atlas because the index uses only some of the bits in the block data, and they are already at the limit of the number of indexes that can be held in these bits.


Another modder added a  way to use a second texture atlas, but I don't know how it worked, and from all accounts it stopped working in an earlier alpha (either A18 or A19, can't remember).


So unfortunately you're out of luck. You're not alone in wishing there was a way to add more, but unless TFP increase the size of the data type used for blocks (which would increase the memory used by an order of magnitude), it's not going to happen.

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