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Biome Spawning by Gamestage


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I've tried a few things in an attempt to figure out a way to make biome spawns to work off gamestage. For the mod I'm working on, gamestage will be tied to certain quest lines so progress can be more controlled on my end. (It's a quest world with a story, so having certain things able to spawn at certain times will be useful). Curious to know if anyone has figured out a way to do this. Biome spawns use a day/night/any requirement, but not a gamestage one.

I've thought about creating a sound that will constantly trigger the heatmap, causing a custom screamer group to instantly trigger a roaming horde, which I could in theory control via gamestage. But, as I haven't tested it, I feel like that would cause a pretty large performance hit, if the player doesn't take care of the hordes.

Any ideas you guys have, send em my way. If this can be done, it'll save me a ton of work. lol.

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