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Change/Feature request, output_log.txt WRN -> INF


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Quick confirmation question.

I am correct in assuming that a valid append will generate a WRN message in output_log.txt if it does not append?


Here is an example;

    <append xpath="//block/property[@name='Class'and @value='DoorSecure']/../property[@name='Tags' and not (contains(@value, 'lockedDoor'))]/@value">,lockedDoor</append>


In the example we want to append the text lockedDoor to the attribute value, in the node property name=Tags, but only if the text lockedDoor does not already exist, assuming the test for node property name=Class and attribute value =DoorSecure passes.

If the text lockedDoor is already present in the list of values/data for the attribute value, then no appending would take place.


So the question is, given the circumstances outlined, would a warning WRN message be posted to the output_log, since although processed, no work was done by the append statement?


If this is the case, can we get a change to the message posted in the output_log.txt file please?

Even a status change from WRN to INF, since no error has taken place, but rather a statement has been processed without making any changes.


I believe this would be helpful for folks trying to write mods/patches by hand.



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