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  1. I would consider using a different approach that direct node order, effect_group[2]/requirement[1] because AFAIK, if the node order changes, it breaks your code. Is it not possible to expand like; /effect_group[@a='1' and @b='2'] to gain access to the specific node? edit. Just viewed the spoiler. I see the issue, effect_group has no attributes to test and the same requirements appear in more than one place. Hmmm, try insertbefore and target the DismenmberChance ? I am figuring out this modding/patching stuff myself, and thought I would try and help out a bit. I mention the change in approach mainly because it might break if you use another mod that does something unexpected. Using more specific targeting rather than direct node numbering might prevent future frustration?
  2. Hi, Quick confirmation question. I am correct in assuming that a valid append will generate a WRN message in output_log.txt if it does not append? Here is an example; <append xpath="//block/property[@name='Class'and @value='DoorSecure']/../property[@name='Tags' and not (contains(@value, 'lockedDoor'))]/@value">,lockedDoor</append> In the example we want to append the text lockedDoor to the attribute value, in the node property name=Tags, but only if the text lockedDoor does not already exist, assuming the test for node property name=Class and attribute value =DoorSecure passes. If the text lockedDoor is already present in the list of values/data for the attribute value, then no appending would take place. So the question is, given the circumstances outlined, would a warning WRN message be posted to the output_log, since although processed, no work was done by the append statement? If this is the case, can we get a change to the message posted in the output_log.txt file please? Even a status change from WRN to INF, since no error has taken place, but rather a statement has been processed without making any changes. I believe this would be helpful for folks trying to write mods/patches by hand. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, neglected to pop back to this thread. Many thanks for the reply @ErrorNull I will take a look at the stuff you linked. My greatest achievement for today... <!-- Tags for doors, using Class SecureLoot, should only tag locked things like locked doors and not all doors --> <append xpath="//block/property[@name='Class'and @value='DoorSecure']/../property[@name='Tags' and not (contains(@value, 'lockedDoor'))]/@value">,lockedDoor</append> I must admit, it took a few looks at the code to get it right, but it is satisfying when it works.
  4. One of the mods I use for my reference is donovan-pickmeup. That might be pickmeup by donovan. It is tiny;
  5. Whoops, sorry. I thought it was a Sorcery thing. Good job I tagged you! Thanks.
  6. Hi @Devrix, I have my bundles of essences sorted. Thanks to @KhaineGB. All seems to be working at intended. Talking of working as intended, I can create level 80 arcane armor, but when I repair it, I lose 5 each time. So after 2 repairs I am down to 70. Is that intended? If so, can you tell me where that is in the xml? I would like to personalize my play through. I am using v19.5b60, DF 3.4 & S0.944. Oh yeah and those fallen? They kill me with one hit, so they are a nightmare.
  7. I have my patch & mod working well thank you for your help. I now have a new vehicle, with all the trimmings, like books, recipes etc. You would not believe the mad map I was handed by the generator. Sooo many hills and mountains. Anyways...I have another question, oh great vehicle maker. What property would I be looking at to change, in order to get a bit more air? I mean, going over a bump, or slight ramp, I leave the ground, but only spend a little time in the air. What I am looking for is a bit more height, leading to longer in air, or just plain a little more in the air. I have already messed with the steering to make changing direction a little more responsive. Any thoughts?
  8. As I suspected, intentional. Thanks for confirming. I was just checking that my understanding of the xml was not wonky. Spears, yup, thought it might be the case, revision, hence me specifying what version I was using. I basically tried to mimic the knives, with more damage, but lowered the gains from hunting. I can confirm that for me, zd's can still get ya, even with the increased number of attacks. No comment on the spike traps code? I still have a hankering for picking up stuff and moving it around, lol. Regarding the other questions, 1 and 2 I think, I got a great reply from another post I made, pointing me to xml.txt. Not a place I had considered looking, in the data folder. Quite a long read but lots of it made sense. Plus I now see that the xml has been evolving over many versions. Good to know. Still following your corner, just tit plated your h base, mainly. Keep up the good work, mod and play through. It is interesting to see what aspects of the game you find important and what you are not really bothered with. An example would be crowbar vs lock picking. Each to their own, but it is illuminating. Ta.
  9. <append xpath="//block[@name='trapSpikesWoodMaster']"> <property name="CanPickup" value="true" param1="trapSpikesWoodDmg0" /> </append> I think that this code works differently? Without the code, its a spike trap, nothing happens if you mouse hover over it and you cannot pick it up. With the code, mouse over gives a line of text telling you about using E to pick it up. Press E, no need to hold. Ah I thought just came to me, press E and you pick it up, no other option, or no option at all if code not added. But a secure storage has, well the options to lock/unlock, but probably more importantly E opens the block to allow storage of stuff. Hmm not sure what that means in relation to what I am trying to do, but it might. Thinking needs to be done, later maybe.
  10. Big, reply, many thanks. Short comment, the part about [game directory]/Data/Config/XML.txt might be what I am seeking. As also the Stealth.txt file. Yes I have noticed that some mod authors have included some very helpful comments in their files, the comments about engine gears springs to mind. Longer comment, thanks for the xml stuff, but I think I have a good enough working knowledge of that, good enough for 7D2D limited use of xml. I have created successfully patches for other peoples modlets, either to bring up to game version, change some values and even created some new modlets (basically new items with different properties of copied items/blocks/item_modifications/recipes/localization/vehicles/etc etc). It's the specific attributes/properties/values that the game code uses that has me a bit stumped. Again thanks for the post. If anyone else has information regarding the way the game code looks for specific properties/attributes/values and what VALID data for those is/are, please point me them out, or let me know. Thanks.
  11. Hi @KhaineGB. I am currently working my way through a play through 19.5 with v3.5. Thanks for your help with that. I have a question about the mods you can place in vehicles. I have the fuel economy mod, works well, thanks. I wanted to also add the turbo. But it seems like I can only have one or the other. Is this by design and locked through c code? As I cannot see anything in the xml that would prohibit both, and yes I have two slots in the vehicle. On a side note here is a little xml patch I bashed out for spears; It changes slightly the damage per hit, increases slightly the number of hits per min and allows salavaging of dead creatures/zombies, like the hunting knives.
  12. Hi, I am frustrated. Is there a location/place where I can read the syntax for the xml? Where can I find a list of what properties/attributes I can or cannot assign to something? What does a perfectly formed thing look like? If I do not assign a property/attribute to something, is there a parent it inherits the none assigned property? Here is an example to help clarify what I mean. Take a bedroll. How would I know if it is an item, to be coded in items.xml or a blocks.xml? Ok, by inspection I can see it is a thing to be coded in blocks.xml, because there is already one there. But what if there was not? How would I know where I needed to code for it? Say that I guess correctly and start to code for bedroll in blocks.xml. How do I know what the list of valid attributes and or properties are? Ok, by inspection I can see that this thing can have a Class. Its property Class is assigned an attribute named value. How do I know that the property Class can be assigned an attribute called value, rather than say called name? I see the attribute value is assigned text which reads as SleepingBag. How do I know that SleepingBag is a vaild assignment to the attribute value? Indeed doing a search I cannot find any definition or mention of SleepingBag being a Class at all! Not all things in blocks.xml are assigned properties of Class. How do I know if my thing needs a property called Class? How do I know what a valid attribute would be? How do I know what a vaild assignent to that attribute could be? ATM I seem to be left with trying to populate ven diagrams trying to see what is needed for something. Or to put it bluntly, I am groping around in the dark trying to find a cookie, not a monster. So...Since I seem to have a basic grasp of xml (nodes, subnodes etc) and I can batter together some new xml or manipulate existing xml (append,insertBefore,set etc), where can I find the things that will interact correctly with the Fun Pimps code? Since I am of the belief that we can create palaces of xml, but they are meaningless if they cannot interact with the reality within the game. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Nope, I do not want to sit through educational classes to teach me how to craft unity entities etc, what I am looking for is what every other programming language has, a dictionary of valid code and syntax. I know that at least one person out there knows what valid code looks like.
  13. Cheers, for the idea of looking at Undead Legacy, I will gladly do so. I was hoping for a definitive answer rather than more of the groping around in the dark trying to figure it out for myself, but I do appreciate your post and start a digging
  14. Hi, as the tittle alludes I am confused about being able to pick up some items but not others. Here we go, this works; on this item; but for this item; this code does not work; Can some one point me in the right direction please. Note, it has been suggested that pick up only works on workstation items, but I believe the first set of code refutes that claim? I do see an expected popup, it shows the lock/unlock, search thing you would see if you help E over say a secure chest you had made and put down. I believe that comes from the secure part? But what I am not seeing on mouse over is text saying to hold E to pickup, which is what I see for the first item. Nor in the popup is a little hand on which to click. Now obviously I could mess with the on destroy to give me an item back when I batter it to bits, but I would rather fix and understand the reason why it does not do what I think it should. Thanks for taking a look. Edit, just to be clear, there are no warnings or errors in the output_log, and looking at the configdump I do see the appendments in the expected places, further more, both the above appends are within the same file, hence if the first loads and works, I would expect the second to at least be attempted to load, giving an error etc on failure.
  15. @KhaineGB I have a few more general questions, would you mind helping with? 1. Is there a more appropriate place to ask such questions? 2. I am assuming that the player information displays are handled within the Xui xml? 3. Is there a place where I can find a list of data names that I reference to display certain information? By that I mean I would like to be able to display say the current total reduction noise, where would I find the variable name would I need to pull from, other than looking through existing Xui (that might not contain such a variable, since I would only be seeking to display new information)? 4. Talking about noise reduction, specifically from items fitted to armor/clothing, are they meant to only mitigate the effect from the armor? By that I mean, for example, say a fitting has a value of 5, which could be said to reduce noise by 5. Would that only reduce noise from armor with a high noise value, like steel with an example noise value of 6, resulting in a total noise of 1. Or could it be used with, leather armor with an example noise value 4, resulting in a total noise value of -1? Ta. 5. Any thoughts on why this does not work? As you can see I am trying to be able to pick up more things. I thought by using only items added by DF, ie DFxxxxx, I would get around any issues of wandering into a POI and just picking up all the stuffs lol.
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