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Looking for a fun PVE server with rping!


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Hello! I just bought the game and I'm in love. I've heard tale of servers in multiplayer games where people have a dedicated character they rp as and build a story around them, which I've always wanted to do. I really want to try it out and play as a bartender, creating a neutral zone where people can trade. Would anyone happen to know of a server or multiplayer game like this? Mods that enhance gameplay are greatly welcome, and I would greatly prefer an LGBT+ friendly game!

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Hey, just saw this! if you would like to join one of our 24/7 servers i can post them here! We are an active gaming community and you can even join us in VC in our discord

@ discord.gg/20r

Main Server : 20R Casual PVP | 160% XP | BetterLoot
Server IP:
Softcore PvP (No Base Raiding)


In the mood for some HARDCORE PVP action with base raiding, increased zombie difficulty, and slightly higher XP gains than average? Join the Hardcore PVP server @
20R Hardcore PVP | 200% XP | 200% Loot


20R PVE VANILLA 300% XP | 300% LOOT

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im looking to make a group of people to host team of people to play with, semi roleplay, even considering recording to make a series if everyone involved oks it.  It won't be up all the time but that makes it better for a full group to play at once.  I made a post about it if your interested or want to understand better. Also about lgbt friendly, i really don't care who or what someone is, i'm friendly to all types and hope that the whole team is to, so some one want a friendly group should make the group more friendlier if you get what i mean :D

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