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How does gamestage actually work


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I've tried singleplayer and can't figure it out. Let me preface this:


Me and two friends play cooperatively, and split the perks/work in the game. My gamestage is always significantly lower than theirs,  so what exactly determines it. One friend will be the crafter/cooker and it's usually not me, I'm more of the looter/miner, whereas our other friend is the sniper/backup miner. Yet despite regularly making stuff with/using crafting stations, my gamestage is significantly lower than theirs, even if we're all in roughly the same gear.

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Gamestage is calculated like this:

(Player's Level + Days Survived ) X Difficulty Bonus = Current gamestage.

Let's say you're level 20. You survived for 10 days (this is reset once you get killed). The difficulty bonus is set to 1.2 by default, if im correct. This bonus is in the gamestage.xml file, it can be changed.

So you get 20 + 10 = 30. 30 X 1.2 = 36 for your gamestage. When you die, there's a value that affects your gamestage and it goes a bit back, until you gain more levels and your days alive goes up. You then eventually catch up once again the gamestage you were at before you got killed.

The calculation for multiplayer coop is a bit more complex for me to explain it by myself, and i almost never play multiplayer. But for single player, you now know. All i can do is copy the explanations from the xml file itself.

This is how the gamestage of a PARTY is calculated:
The gamestage of all (up to) 6 players is calculated.
The players are sorted by gamestage.

The highest GS number is multiplied by "startingWeight".
This then loops down the list and "startingWeight" is multiplied by "diminishingReturns" every time.

Players with GS 120, 30, 60, 91, 5, 80.
startingWeight= 1.7, diminishingReturns=0.5

So we get
120 * 1.70 = 204
 91 *  .85 =  77
 80 *  .42 =  34
 60 *  .21 =  13
 30 *  .82 =  24
  5 *  .11 =   1
... or a total party GS of 353

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1 hour ago, selocon said:

TY. And that stuff about party gamestage seems to be all gibberish. Bleh.


That at least partially explains why my gamestage is much lower than theirs, at least. I die a lot.

Well, i said your gamestage decreases when you die, but not dramatically. To really go backwards, you have to die like a lot. Dying once or twice during a whole week can give the impression you're stalemate.


To raise your gamestage, and the whole group's by the same way, you can perform tasks that doesnt put you in danger, like construction. Upgrading wood blocks to cobblestone gives a lot of XP and some more with concrete and reinforced concrete. Do this for a single day or two and you can get substantial amount of levels.

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