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A Modder Can Dream Too!


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I don't usually ask for things... Specially not modding things as those are very low priority. Plus one thing i enjoy is finding ways around the limitations of the game. But one thing I would kill for is a little Buff feature.

As of right now, a buff can use a selfAOE to radiate from an entity. This buff is a full sphere around the entity, meaning if you set the range of that buff to be 5, it will slap a 5 block wide sphere around that entity (2.5 block radius in each direction)... This is great and allows for some cool area of effect attacks, but I'd like to request a new feature for these buffs.

A frontal cone range where you can define the base radius (starting at the entity) and an end radius (ending at the range of the buff). A way to define the angle as well would be great, as in a 90 degree cone from the direction the entity is facing, or a 35 degree cone. A total of three added variables. (base radius, end radius, and the degree amount)

Chances are this isn't on the planned features, but just thought I would throw out one of my wishes. A vast majority of my modding goes into the buffs system for its versatility and functions. This type of feature would allow even more concepts and ideas to come from modders that delve into buffs.


I've put an example as an attachment, if I didn't describe this very well.
Thanks for reading! ❤️



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