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Contingency: The Last 100 Days

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Hello Modders & Survivors!


I have been working on my own project as of late with 7 Days to Die and modding.  I have enjoyed many overhauls and decided to build a mod based on how a few friends and myself play the game.  The project has been in the works for several months and I have been collaborating with a few like-minded individuals to make the vision a reality.  I have right now a modpack of all of the modlets I believe will fit into the story.  


There's the rub, I believe the story of 7 Days to Die should be told and we have waited far too long for it.  I have put together what I believe is the story of 7 days to die, with a twist. Taking cues from a Romero-style play with only ONE Bloodmoon.  Day 100! You start the game with a series of quests to complete and discover there is a main story line to follow.  You must level up and complete the quests in order to unlock the truth behind what has happened.  For the sake of creative license I am being very vague on what this will look like.

Call for help!

I am looking for collaboration from other modders to help put together the Main Story Quest.  My skills are limited and I can use some talented people on this project to piece together the flow of the quests and how they unlock.  


If interested please feel free to reach out to me via Email or Discord!  

igotnextgaming @gmail.com

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/344ZvUZ4


Come by and say "Hi!" Introduce yourself.  We have a few servers open for people to play on including my overhaul project.


Thank you


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