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Hi there 7Days Community,
To preface this situation I also have a conversation currently on going with the support team on this and will update this if I get any substantial news to add. The devs suggested I post here as well to see if anyone has found some solution to help not only other users but the 7Days team as well.

Here is what was connected to the support session:

My friend and I who are casual but also avid players and streamers of 7Days have been testing out the Twitch integration and love it so far! We decided to test something listed in the twitch integration guide to change the default value of "Spoil" in the twitch.xml file of the game to see if we could make it a not so devastating command while we are early on in a new world. The default value as we know is set to 150 pimp points as below,
    <action name="twitch_Spoil">
        <property name="command" value="#spoil" />
        <property name="command_key" value="TwitchAction_ActionSpoilCommand" />
        <property name="title_key" value="TwitchAction_ActionSpoil" />
        <property name="description_key" value="TwitchAction_ActionSpoilDesc" />
        <property name="category" value="Special" />
        <property name="start_gamestage" value="30" />
        <property name="event_name" value="action_spoil" />
        <property name="default_cost" value="150" />
        <property name="is_positive" value="false" />
        <property name="cooldown" value="600" />
        <property name="cooldown_blocked" value="true" />
        <property name="random_group" value="special_bad" />

Attached is my current twitch.xml file that was located in this directory (This was attached to the support ticket)


Steam>SteamApps>Common>7days to die>data>Config


After changing the cost to 400 Pimp Points as it's default value, I am still seeing the default cost on the UI show as 150 and on stream last night I had a viewer test to see if the values had just changed in the back end and not on the UI and they were still able to process the command for only 150PP. 

Clip from Twitch Stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/CovertFaithfulMallardCorgiDerp-pJOBbGo6NXkAMmeg

The viewer "MrLily" had only 282pp and was still able to active the command taking him down to 132pp. 

Screen capture from Chat: https://imgur.com/a/BBwOZ0Z

Not sure if this is a "bug" since I did not personally find anything mentioning this on the forums yet but it's self-explanatory that we are playing on the unstable version of 7DTD being Alpha 19.5 (b60) to be able to test this. Let me know of any possible solutions or known reasons of this not updating properly and feel free to ask for more information if needed!

Looking forward to the discussion on this and hopefully it's not TOO simple of a fix to make me look too dumb 😛


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Update from the Dev Team!


According to the developer who enabled twitch integration in the new unstable version, changing the default values should work as intended however, you may need to start a fresh game for the effect to take place.


I have not performed this step myself yet but will provide information once it has been tested to see if this needs to move forward as a bug report.

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I would actually fix the file as a modlet, not as an edit to the official data file.

In the Mods directory of the server/pc, ensure you have the modinfo.xml file and a Config directory. Within the Config directory, create a file named "twitch.xml" and add the following line:

<set xpath="/twitch/action[@name='twitch_Spoil']/property[@name='default_cost']/@value">400</set>

That will change the code to what you need.

Remember, the action name and such are all case sensitive, and you must have a ModInfo.xml file. That file should be formatted similarly to other mods out there or it will not work.

This will ensure your changes aren't reverted in any way by an update or file verification for EAC. It must be installed on the system running the game instance. The server for a server-run game or your PC's 7dtd directory if it is not on a separate server.

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