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AkaiS Research System

Akai Shuichi

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When Playing 7D2D, most of the time you spec into an attribute and spend skill points on perks within it, well this mod is going to help you spec into other Fighting perks.

Originally I did this mod for myself, but I think it could be of use to other survivors who enjoy Vanilla with a few tweaks, not overhaul mods.



- Gather research papers to perform research.

- 13 Perk Books that gives a level in Fighting Perks (Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Robotics Master, Demolition Expert, Archery, Machine Gunner, Boomstick, pummle pete, skull crusher, Miner 69r, Javelin Master, Deep cuts, Brawler).

- This mod Adds a computer tool that is used as a workbench tool to allow the crafting of perk books (I made it expensive as it is intended for higher stages of the game).

- This mod Adds a battery that is used to craft the computer tool.

- Both the computer and battery are governed by advanced engineering but can be unlocked sooner by schematics.


So this mod allows you to study the weapons and the weapon parts that you looted to craft books that awards you points in the same skill. for example, with the research papers, a hunting rifle and rifle parts you can craft a book that will award a point in Dead Eye Perk. another example, research papers, steel spear and steel spear parts you can craft a book that will award a point in Javelin Master perk.


I don't know why adding images is buggy, so if you want to view some images, please view Here


you can download the mod from Here


Note: This mod uses Vanilla assets, and I edited some vanilla-icons and used them in the mod.

This is my first mod, and I hope I could continue to expand on this one.

Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback is appreciated.



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