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PvE Combopack 47 Server All Welcome - NuperSaturalGaming

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Welcome to our 7D2D server we are currently running the latest version of combo pack to add more variety to our world prefabs. There are also some server side mods we have added for a better experience. 


Join us on Discord

Server Details: 


XP: 500%

Loot Abundance: 250%

Drop On Death: Backpack
Airdrops : 24 hours
Landclaim size: 41
Landclaim Areas: 4 
PartySharedKillRange: 1000
LootRespawnDays: 15
ZombieMoveNight: Jog
ZombieFeralMove: Run

ZombieBMMove: Run

Server Name: PvE - Combopack47 - ServerMods - NuperSatural
IP: game.nupersatural.com
Port: 26900

Please Be patient while waiting for our map to download it may take a few minutes. 



1. No Tree Farming
2. No building or claiming on POI's within the city or reset regions (All major cites and towns will reset every 5 days to prevent this)
3. Cheating/Glitching/Exploiting will not be tolerated
4. Greifing or looting other players possessions
5. Stealing a motorized bike that belongs to another player

6. Bullying or Harassing other players
7. Drop Mining
8. Building in close proximity to a Trader


Server Side Mods: 
Snukfin's Server Side Zombie (Plus)

Rifles HUD
PhD Bigger Crafting Queue

PhD Bigger Forge Input

PhD Bigger Backpack & Chest Storage

PhD Better 30k Stacks

PickUp Extended

Better Homes Complete Collection

JaxTeller Car Resawner

JaxTeller Zombie Reach

Always Open Trader

More Skill Points(2)

H7SB Storage

(More Coming)


Client Prefabs: 

Combopack47 Download and place the Prefabs in your Data/Prefabs folder.  - Credits to the Creators of this pack and there hard work.


Live Map - Please check out our live map as we have enabled reset regions over the major cities to prevent building within these areas. There will also be an in-game notification when you are one of these areas. The Purple areas will Reset every 5 days.



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---- Updates ---

Changed XP: 300% 

More Tweaks will be made as we continue to play- Any suggestions hit us up on discord


----Server Side Mods-----
Added KHA19-HPBars
Added Forges Hold 1M
Added H7SB Seats
Added Snufkin_NerfExplosives
Added HH_More_Seats_Vehicles
Added PhD Just Better 1.5.5 - No WalkRun Bonus (A19)(Will test when Applied)
Added Geez' Fixes and Rebalance Tweaks

 Extended The Day/Night Cycle to 90 Minutes(18 hour Days)

Modified ServerSide Zombies max Health For Easier Gameplay

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---- Updates ---

More Tweaks to the server side mods, increased feather spawn in bird nests.
Tweaked server side zombies plus - Buffs 


----Server Side Mod Changes-----
Removed wireless_fuseboxes_1.2
Added PhD Better Lights 3.3 (A19)
Added PhD Bigger Output Queue 1.0 (A19)
Added PhD Bigger Vehicle Storage 1.0 (A19)



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---Server updates---


Tweaked Always Open Trader Mod(includes all traders)
Removed H7SB Storage(Fixed World Errors)
Removed Added HH_More_Seats_Vehicles
Tweaked setting for crafting speed on certain items
Changed Max view distance on server to help with performance
Added Traders to all location including zombie infested ones(Needs 
Tweaked Crafting and Smelting times no longer instant
Tweaked PHD Just Better mod(removed weapons changes)


Suggestions welcome hit us up on discord link above^^^^






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