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BShop True Survival PVP (En / Fren) (No Raid pvp)


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Hey guys, I've been playing this server for awhile now and I'd like to see it just a bit more populated. Right now at any given times there's anywhere from 4 to 6 players online, which is a shame considering how good this map is and how well the server owner takes care of it. So let me advertise just a little bit! 


No Raid PVP:  This map was created with no raiding, but pvp in its design. There are only two cities, both of good size with ample large loot buildings. (Daishong Tower, Higarashi Pharma, etc). These are outside of the protected trader zone, and so players can compete for the best loot with all the pvp they want. When the raiding is done, feel free to retreat back to an above ground, fun and interesting base, since raiding isn't allowed. Rather than have to live in a hole, create any type of base! Mine are the bar and grill pics. (Still a work in progress!)

Single Trader with Wide Protection Zone: While one trader may seem unfortunate, its nice because it promotes player interaction. People have begun to set up vending centers with their land claims to encourage player economy. And if you still prefer Trader Joel, his inventory restocks daily! (See Mom n' Pops ammo shop!)

Lucrative City Loot: The loot in the pvp city restocks daily as well, so there's something to go compete for. 

Hats!: Hats add neat extra effects and help customize your appearance! DOOOOM RIDER.

Extra Recipes: There's a ton of stuff you can craft on this server! 

Weapons Packs: More guns and a neat loot machine system to keep things interesting! 

Player Cities: This is a perfect server for a group of friends, because as long as you are friended you can ignore landclaim overlap restrictions. So you can all get together and build a complex to challenge me and my crew, "The Lusty Vultures."  (We all have vulture hats.)  

Harder Enemies: Zombies are a bit tougher, and there's more of them. Horde nights are a challenge that require lots of foresight and planning. Most players team up to defend on this server. The tower defense feel is for real.

Seriously though, if you are looking for a new home, especially with a group of friends, this is a great place for it! 

Just search "Bshop" on the server!






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