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Things to be reconsider, improved and fixed


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First of all I was surprised by the things that at last they are being worked on in alpha 20. But I will add here more ideas to consider now and in future updates. 


First of all you can add:

Tannery for processing animal hides into leather.
Bears and mountain skin will give you thick hides which is required to craft high tier items.

Zombies are well done, and are amazing. But its better if another type of lumberjack is added in the snow biome, or reworking on the base one. 

Hunting rifle should give you bonus damage when firing with it on animals. 

Also if you Can another type of snipers like JTF2. I think that their are enough weapons in the game, the variety is good, they only just need to be worked on their shape, plus the way they are being hold. You can alsl add more types of stocks, each one has its own advantages and penalties. 


For the biomes I just want to say this:
In the desert biome: there many water sources that exist there, I think it will better if they are reduced by 90%, its a desert after all, in the snow biome the weather should be reworked on there.


I would also remark on food by this: the game is in a zombie apocalypse, the world is destroyed, then all kind of fresh food should be either gone or rotten, so you will be now able to scavenge for some canned food. (the food in the game is very damn easy to find and to keep).
Maybe you can also reduce the number of looted meat when skinning an animal.

Antoher important thing to add:

Dismantling bench for dismantling weapons and high tier armors.
Furnace for melting metals and stone.
Blacksmith bench for materials and tools. 
In addition for the campfire you can add 
Large campfire (for saving time, plus it will make your house warmer) 
Oven for making high quality food (plus saving fuel and time). 

Plus the old crafting stations. I will also put a link for some ideas of upgrading crafting stations. 

Other things :
This game is a piece of art, but their are many things that needs to be enhanced specifically: players shape, players body features, add diffident types for the players skin instead of all having the same shape , and the games physics. I think that these things that still hinders your full success. 

There are also many things that needs to be fixed and improved like for example:
In the day, when you are underground its not even dark there (even if you didn't had a torch) but when it becomes night, the lights are off.
Another thing being able to drive your car in the water (in previous alphas it was worse, if you even touched the water with your wheels the vehicle suddenly stopped working. You had to empty the storage space, take it apart and then reassemble it on the dry land) honestly I don't know how you can solve it, but I hope you have some solutions.
Another thing that needs to be improved is the game's music, and ambient sound. 

Maybe you can even open some types of windows instead of replacing them, and maybe you can cover them with curtains. 

At last I would like to remark on this thing (its not necessary to be taken into consideration) 

The wildlife and its components are good (but notagnificent). For example :
The animals behaviour, the way they move and act (when attacking the player, or running from him like being able to run under the water). Moreover, when skinning animals you will have a chance to get their head, so you can make a trophy with it. Also it will be better in the future to have variety of hostile and non hostile animals. (and postponing  working on bandits, thats my opinion at least). 

And at last I would like to remind of you of the weather (I speaked with this in the past) , and if you can add other forces of nature (like blizzards,sandstorms, rainstorms, and thunderstorms) 

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