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  1. I really appreciate your time. Just a question Can we expect to see alpha 20 in December. What features will it focus. I think it will focus on graphics and physics right?? And I hope if I can help in suggesting more ideas in the future.
  2. Sorry if I am wasting your time. But here is another idea. There are two possibilities Either when creating a character you will have to choose a special skill for the new character. The skills are five Being expert in gunfires Melee weapons Being tough and durable Being an architect which will save for you many materials when crafting Or being expert in digging and cutting down trees. Or instead of creating a character five characters will be presented each one of them having one of these skills.
  3. I am convinced with the red blood moon. But tell me zombies in the water walking, is this rational?? If it is then tell me why. And what is your reply when about the character body features? And for the farming I am not telling to make an evolution for it. Just improve it a little bit. Question : if the forest biome is the easiest one then no one will go to other biomes. And I didn't say to cut the two other biomes, but to decrease their sizes and expanding other ones. Just a question: are the devs interested in expanding the main map size?? And for making the nature your first enemy, your right its not the long dark, but it must be dangerous one also. And a question when will you plan to release alpha 20. Thanks for you.
  4. Hello. I played this game in alpha 16 and 17. And then I checked alpha 19. And to be honest I was amazed by the updates but the game needs more. You should really focus on the graphics, things related to the physical movement, blood, corpses, character creation features (height, skin, color), zombies for example (instead of all tourist zombie being the same in shape, some will have missing hands, eyes, or have different face shape, or he have a different physique). and to be frank seing someone walking in the game is @%$#(I am sorry to say that) you should improve it by making it more realistic. Also opening the doors, climbing the stairs, climbing the mountains, in addition for driving. Things to add and change Every day in the game can reach 3 real hours. In the 7th day instead of being hunted all the night specific number needs to be killed so they will stop haunting you (30, 40, depending on the level and on the day). Zombies can't cross water or dive under the water instead they will just walk around, even if it was the red blood moon and you was in a House in the middle of the lake, the zombies would just mess around and wait for you the next day. Looted food, or cooked food will be rotten after certain amount time (depending on its type) Add more books which will teach you how to make certain food recipes and other stuff... Farming Farming should be more realistic. You will need to water the plants so they can grow, and they will need more time to be harvested. Make the nature your first enemy instead of zombies. For the weather In the snow biome sometimes the temperature can reach - 40 °c (ofcourse this will happen in the second or third week of the game). Add blizzards to this biome. Also in the desert biome sandstorms will occur which will cause asthma. And for the forest biome the weather will be But sometimes it will snow there causing a drop in the temperature. But instead of harsh weather there, high number of zombies will spawn throughout the forest biome, especially on the roads. Wild bears and wolves (dire wolves) will be there too. Add more types of diseases.... (no ideas for this) It doesn't make any sense seeing zombies destroying hard cement blocks, (I mean if you watched the walking dead series you will understand me). So make it possible for the zombies only to destroy the weaker blocks. (its OK if they can't destroy hard cement blocks because nature is your first fiercest enemy now). I don't know if this thing can work or make sense. But listen Add an attribute which is physique. This attribute can help you in reducing the usage of stamina help you in running faster, strengthing your punches and blowing with melee weapons, and makes you healthier. This attribute can be improved in many ways like running for long distances, training with dumbbells and other sports machines. And as you improve your skill you will begin to notice that your body shape is changing. (maybe this seems ridiculous but I know that you can achieve the impossible) Add more ambient scary sounds. Maybe wolves howling in the night, zombies screaming loudly, and others..... If you made the hard cement block invincible from zombie hits, then I think that more zombies should spawn in the world. If you can fix the way the animals attack you (I don't know if you fixed in alpha 19) but as I remember it was somehow laggy. For the map: Every biome of the biomes should have its special resource, so you will be obliged to go to every one of them in certain time. I hope also if you can reduce the size of both the burnt forest biome and the wasteland one. Make the wasteland very small that it will cover only small part of the far south west map. (remove the the city of the wasterland and add it to the desert biome).i also think that the way these three biomes are arranged is somehow non sense ( forest then burnt forest then desert) this means that at a time where was a forest then there was a desert directly near to it. I prefer having a savanna or a steppe separating between both instead of burnt forest. (this will be something new, which makes it better). Moreover instead for having the snow biome covering the whole north of the map. You can add a rainforest in the North East or the North West of the map, with much more wildlife there, and just small huts scattered there. And if you can expand the map especially by lengthening it. Improve the hunting system: Add new types of predators and preys: Goats, buffalo's, polar bears, various types of beards.... Also skinning will give you chance to get more than just bones, hides, and meat. It can maybe grant you the animal head (so you can craft a hunting trophy). In addition you can more types of trees to the game (at least just to make the wilderness look better) like : Cedars, oak, willow tree, nuts.... And if you can improve the way the trees look like. (note its better to remove the helicopter since it makes non sense) Adding a sleep system will make the game far more realistic (drinks like coffee will refresh you) And the better the bed the less time you need to sleep. I will suggest some new missions for the traders I will start with missions of low tiers : Deliver resources to another trade outpost. Repair and check for breaches in his outpost. Cleansing a road from zombies. Bring for the trader resources that can be found in different biome. (if he is in the snow biome he will need resources only found in the forests or in the desert). Help him in defending his outpost against hordes of zombies. Also if you can add these to the outposts: For the trader : instead of being standing still in his place, he can be found inside his outpost wandering around maybe repairing something or checking something, or even maybe he can sometimes stand on a tower and shoot any near zombies. (when blizzards occur or sandstorm, he can be found in his den sitting still waiting) For the outposts : you should redesign every outpost in which in can fit its biome. Maybe also trader Joel could have his family living with him. Also I think that 3 traders are enough (instead of five traders, one should be placed in every one of the main biomes, desert, forest, snow). (note some categories in the wiki still depends on the old map).
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