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Nuclear Energy Mod on Dedicated server.


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Evening guys,


I rent a dedicated server for 7d2d and its becoming boring using the stock map and without mods, My player numbers are dropping and I can see why, I have been on another server which has the Nuclear mod energy (Generator/solar bank) and that alone changes so much of the game, However I have been in touch with the host and they simply wont help, They told me they cant help me their end to get it running as if they do it for me they will have to do it for other players and so fourth.


Does anyone know of a host who can help me use this mod on a dedicated server please? or if not is there a way to get around it? I can honestly say my host isnt helpful with any mods however they do have some I can use on the server just not the nuclear one...Lastly, I dont mind changing host.



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