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  1. Hello everyone. I have a pay monthy server (60+ slots) and really wanted to find out how I can make reset zones so it prevents players from building in certain areas or allows them to build in other areas with green or red onscreen text saying simply "You have entered the Green zone, You can build here" etc. Is there a mod or something in the dev section? Many thanks.
  2. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you guys, I didnt get a notification that anyone had replied tbh? THANK YOU so much for all the input! I also agree fully with 'N3150' in that they shouldnt be charging people for upgrades? its like Sub letting a flat? I wonder if the FUN PIMPS know about it? I will look at the links you have kindly left for me, Thank you once again.
  3. Hello everyone, I am thinking of getting a dedicated server going again (Pay monthly) and dont want a stock map anymore and fancy something modded, I have for the past month played on the Chinese/Asian servers and they are incredibly modded compared to anything else, does anyone know where they get their mods from or how I can find them in English please for my server? Thanks.
  4. Sorry guys, I turned off the Occlusion as well and that did nothing, in the end I verified my files and that didn't work so we uninstalled-reinstalled and that worked but why?
  5. Hi guys I hope I am in the correct area? I am on 7d2d on my server (pay monthly) and I was making my base and sneezed, when I looked at the screen i'd pressed the right mouse button three times in doing so laid three indestructible blocks and its ruined my base? I heard you can go in the XML file to reduce the value of them to be able to destroy the wrong placed ones, can anyone kindly let me know where this XML file is please and what would the blocks be named under please? Many thanks.
  6. Hi thanks and apologies for the lack of info. We have War3UK mod running on 19.6 via a paid server. we have both verified our files and it still seems to be doing it? In fact I have just uninstalled-reinstalled the game and waiting for it to finish. Thanks again.
  7. Hi guys, I am renting a server and I am having the same issue, When I go towards "ANY" building they simply disappear and I have looked all over online and fudged my settings to low or med with Occlusions and anti aliasing off and still it keeps happening? Can anyone suggest anything please?
  8. Sorry for the delay guys and THANKYOU so much for the posts and info/help, I have figured it out and this might be very useful to some, I was going in the game via the Launcher and then pressing ESC and then ticking the boxes on the right which inc GOD MODE, Thats where my issues started as that GOD MODE seems to be differernt to the one if you press Q? As I started to read the posts above I read "RANGER & QAs" reply and I noticed that my character was crying out for food and I had a red food/hunger icon on the left of my screen, once I clicked on the Q the woman I was playing stopped groaning and the red hunger icon disappeared... So its basically use the god mode via the Q key on your KB rather than ticking the boxes on the right... A BIIIIIG thank you guys!!
  9. Hi, thanks for the relpy. I did forget to mention ive achieved level 300,read all the books and also got all the XP skills ticked but having to eat tons of Gumbo Stew which is hardly helping tbh? Many thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Good morning everyone. I rent a server and have recently installed the War3UK mod on it, I am building a base for players to gather for BM so I am in god mode and every 10 or so minutes my player is hungry/thirsty or is losing stamina really quickly? Does anyone know how to stop this from happening please? IF you suggest a string of "Code" can you tell me where to put it please or is there a command or a mod to stop it? Many thanks.
  11. YUP 100% working! BOIDSTER - THANKYOU SO MUCH! You are a star....I am in your debt.
  12. Boidser, THANK YOU so much! I am really greatfull for your time and help, I will try it in the morning and get back to you. Regards.
  13. Sorry for the late reply chaps, I have dedicated server and I have uploaded this mod to the server and also installed it into my MODs folder on the pc however it still isnt working?? Can I ask what I am doing wrong please? Regards.
  14. Thanks guys, and So sorry for the very late reply. Boidster the link is not active anymore, any chance you would be so kind enough to send me it please? Thanks. I dont have a lot of knowledge with scripts guys its a little over my head to be honest. I have just had to wipe the previous server as one night a few days ago unknown to myself and my clan some lads came on and must of used a hack and used Dynamite all the way around the Trader so no one was able to get to it as they had create a bedrock deep hole and about 20 foot wide...Its examples like this that I want the RPG and dynamite damage removed or reduced to almost zero. Regards to the scripts above which some of you have so kindly shared with me your knowledge and I am greatful for that, Is there any chance you could explain to me how and where please if "Biodster" doesnt have the Modlet for me please? Many thanks to you all.
  15. Hi guys, I have a dedicated server and wanted to ask if there is a way to make the clouds and rain stop or at least disappear as my server seems to be dark a lot of the time, I have tried the: DM F1 help weather but that doesnt seem to work? Is there a mod or another working form please? I have looked on the forum but couldnt see anything...Thanks.
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