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Specific POI reset


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One thing I would like to see in the game is the ability to reset a specific POI in the same was as trader's quest reset them.


Sometimes, especially late game, you might want want to do a specific POI (lets say, a T4 one). Waiting for one of the trader to offer you that one might take forever. (They offer 3 T5 and then some random T1-T5). Of course, resetting POI at will would be imbalanced, so there would need to be some mechanics involved.


One way I see this could be implemented...  We could make it so every quest completed for traders earns the player... "something".  Lets call it a "clout point". And then, any player wishing to reset a POI can go to said POI and select "redeem clout points" (or whetever), and it automatically create a clear quest and a "!" marker for the current POI (redeemable at any trader). The number of "clout point" could be "POI Tier * 2" or something like that. (So every 10 quest, you can reset a T5 POI, or you can reset a T1 POI every 2 quest).


I'm kindda new to the forum so maybe I'm just beating a dead horse? What do you guys think?

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