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  1. I always thought it was hilarious that the whole structural integrity of the roof relied on a cardboard box on a shelf.
  2. I think it also depends on the exact task and the exact task of your steel tool. With the right perks, you can 1-shot soil blocks with a steel shovel. At that point, it's not that much slower than an auger. The amount of "overkill" the steel tool gets on your block type will also affect how "efficient" you are with it. If you are doing 249 dmg to a 250 blocks, an auger would be WAY better, but if you do 125 dmg, it wouldn't make as big a difference. (Assuming the difference in damage is based on perks alone). Where the auger really start to shine is when you complete The Art of
  3. I might be remembering this wrong, but in 19, I thought it only worked with ore (i.e. not for rocks and wood).
  4. And? I never suggested you couldn't buy it... So I'm not sure what your argument is.
  5. Does not help to decide if you want to buy a book or not at the trader.
  6. 10.3 stamina is your "modified" stamina regen. -0.57 from leather hood is probably applied to "base" stamina regen". Based on your number, your base stamina regen would be 7 with roughly 47% bonus. 7 * 1.47 = 10.29 (7 - 0.57) * 1.47 = 9.45 I didn't get the chance to load the game to check whether I can replicate it though. But 7 being such a nice round number, it would be quite the coincidence if that wasn't right.
  7. Usually, the only times I die in the first week is when I utter those famous last words : "Yeah! I'm sure I'm ready to take out that bear!"
  8. So... The solution is to reduce the block damage of the shovel by 1. Then, you'll be 4 hp short!
  9. I kindda wish there was a way to turn super corn into fuel. Not so much because it is needed, but because it make sense from a RL perspective. Not that I worry about running out of shale... I don't believe I'll ever play a map long enough to run out of it.
  10. Because Before commenting on a post, you should actually read it.
  11. You, sir, failed to understand, and missed the point of, my post.
  12. I thought this game was supposed to stay alpha for another 60 years? (/sarcasm)
  13. I was about to post this reply in a thread... But since it applies to so many threads in the forum, I thought I'd make a new one... So... I keep reading complaints about the game in the forum... How it's going down hill and all. To be honest, I joined pretty late, like 2 weeks before A18, so lets pretend I don't know anything that happened before that. The way I see things is... This game is trying to do too many things at once. It's trying to be a Survival/Tower defense(ish)/looter-Shooter/RPG. And if we are being honest, as a : - Survival, it sucks. - Towe
  14. Yeah... They should totally be labeled "Consumable" because we all drink Molotov Cocktails at the bar, right? On a more serious note, "Ammo" isn't that bad a label for those because they work more or less like ammos in the sense that it's "non reusable" firepower.
  15. What??? Some people think the current injury system is "Crippling"? O.o I played yesterday for the first time in a while... I was slightly rusty and messed up a bit, ended with Weak, Infected, Deep Laceration(or w/e the name) and Leg Sprained. I shrugged and told myself : "Oh well, that T5 POI is gonna take 5 minutes longer..."
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