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  1. It's actually possible to play it right now. (well... true as of 6 month ago I should say). The client is still available, I believe straight from Turbine. And there are a few servers available to play on, (although I only manage to log on 1...) You need to jump through a few hoops to get there, (like get the ThwargLauncher), but if you really want your nostalgia fix, it's nothing too complicated, just google it.
  2. Since POIs respawn their cars too, you can get an infinite amount of engines. I find it hard to maximize infinity.
  3. I just don't see how that would improve the game... Sorry, just I don't see it.
  4. That's like... 1 year old news! 😛 Happy birthday!
  5. Had. Now the cooking time is even shorter than meat stew.
  6. Sadly, the year was never mentioned.
  7. One of my favorite mechanic from past alphas was how we had to draw our own blood to craft medkits. (I think blood bag were also lootable, but super rare). IIRC, it reduced your current health a little, and gave you a short debuff (like 15 mins). It was nice and somewhat realistic survival mechanic. First thing I'd do when I was getting home for the night would be to draw some blood (usually 2 bags). By morning, the debuff would be gone and most health recovered from natural healing. Then the mechanic was removed because people would draw blood until they died, respawn, draw blood until they die, respawn, etc. until they had a stack of blood bag. #thatswhywecanthavenicething I really think current penalty for dying is way too mild. But since this can be pretty arguable, maybe the penalty for dying should be a setting. Something like None Mild Annoying Harsh Nightmarish You'd rather be dead IRL How that would translate in game mechanics terms would need to be determined.
  8. To be fair though... Maybe it shouldn't map to a hotkey.
  9. Win9x : good WinME : Bad WinXP : Good WinVista : Bad Win7 : Good Win8 : Bad Win10 : Good Win11 : Want to take a bet?
  10. I'd have a hard time throwing the first stone... I definitely didn't like the tone of the OP, came to me as too entitled/spoiled bratish to my liking. (And god there's nothing that triggers me like that kind of behavior). Maybe that's only my own perception though. Otherwise, I don't mind a dead horse beating worthy post. Newcomer or not. Even veterans might have missed the dead horse beating and might come for more.
  11. And yet, he fails to address the most glaring issue. "WTH are there zombies in this game!?!?!?! Zombies don't exists!!!!!!"
  12. I never really had much problem finding all the zombies in any POI (Including T5s)... But I tend to follow the predefined "path" through them. That being said, 1 thing I definitely wouldn't be opposed to is : Make zombies that are part of a "trap" not count toward clearing the POI. Right now, we are kindda forced to fall in traps to clear POI which is lame. For some trap floor, you are forced to fall into as zombies won't spawn if you manage to stay on the floor above, so you can't even snipe them from the upper floor (or you need to abuse foreknowledge of said trap and get them through the wall from the lower level). And as BFT2020 mentioned, what takes time is looting, not so much clearing. The only POI I can see taking more than 1 day clearing is probably Dishong Tower. Crack-a-Book and Higashi skyscraper are 10-15 mins in "speed clearing" mode. (On default difficulty setting anyway).
  13. I always thought it was hilarious that the whole structural integrity of the roof relied on a cardboard box on a shelf.
  14. I think it also depends on the exact task and the exact task of your steel tool. With the right perks, you can 1-shot soil blocks with a steel shovel. At that point, it's not that much slower than an auger. The amount of "overkill" the steel tool gets on your block type will also affect how "efficient" you are with it. If you are doing 249 dmg to a 250 blocks, an auger would be WAY better, but if you do 125 dmg, it wouldn't make as big a difference. (Assuming the difference in damage is based on perks alone). Where the auger really start to shine is when you complete The Art of Mining perk books. Getting a 20% chance to 1-shot any ore benefits way more from a fast hitting tool like the auger. But that only affects ore, so if you are just digging plain rocks or soil, again we're back at the amount of overkill you deal on the block. And all of the above assume stamina doesn't become the bottleneck. (I pretty much always spec heavily as a miner, so I'm not sure/can't remember how bad that can get for non-miners).
  15. I might be remembering this wrong, but in 19, I thought it only worked with ore (i.e. not for rocks and wood).
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