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  1. Because Before commenting on a post, you should actually read it.
  2. You, sir, failed to understand, and missed the point of, my post.
  3. I thought this game was supposed to stay alpha for another 60 years? (/sarcasm)
  4. I was about to post this reply in a thread... But since it applies to so many threads in the forum, I thought I'd make a new one... So... I keep reading complaints about the game in the forum... How it's going down hill and all. To be honest, I joined pretty late, like 2 weeks before A18, so lets pretend I don't know anything that happened before that. The way I see things is... This game is trying to do too many things at once. It's trying to be a Survival/Tower defense(ish)/looter-Shooter/RPG. And if we are being honest, as a : - Survival, it sucks. - Tower Defense, it sucks - Looter-Shooter, it sucks - RPG, it sucks. The mix, however, is... dare I say, decent, or at the very least, on a decent path (After all, I have close to 500 hours of gameplay). But then comes all the drama in the forum. Survivalist complaining it's not survival enough, Tower Defensist(?) that complains it's not Tower Defensish(?) enough , the Looter-shooter that complains it's not looter-shootist enough, and the RPGer that complains it's not RPGish enough. And we also have the random Call of Duty player that've got lost, ended up here and complains it's not just a plain shooter. Honestly, if I want to play a traditional zombies survival experience, I don't play 7D2D, I go play something like Project Zomboid. In 7D2D, you could replace zombies by "Possessed", and the game still works for the most part. You can get infected all you want and still survive. Personally, I like survival game. And I like survival to be harsh. But would a harsh survival experience be all that beneficial for 7D2D? I don't think so, for 1 reason : Blood moons. In most "harsher" survival game, getting very bad injury/debuff means you need to lay low for a few days/weeks. Most of the time in those games, the only thing you need to care about during this time is water/food (Since debuff prevent to do much of anything else), you can spend days/weeks healing your wounds, depending on the pace of the game­. That time is usually spent doing inventory management and "downtime stuff". But in 7D2D, you can't afford those extended downtime because of blood moons. And having insane debufs on a blood moon would potentially mean certain death. So, in my view, the very existence of blood moons more or less prevents having harsher survival mechanics. I would LOVE to have harsher penalty for death. But from a design stand point, I don't see it working. I mean, I LOVED the mechanic of drawing your own blood to make medkits. But then I read that people just drew a lot of blood and just suicided to get rid of the debuff (**insert mandatory "That's why we can't have nice thing meme" here**) And that's not to mention people complaining A19 loot is @%$#ty... A19 just got "Diablo Style" loot. And Diablo games have been around for nearly 24 years now. You don't like the formula? It doesn't suck, you do! (err... I mean, this game might not be for you!). Ok, granted, the map doesn't reset every time you log in like a Diablo game. So I guess there might be 1 or 2 things that might need to be adjusted. But this game is still is "rating" itself as being "Alpha" after all. Still, I understand the direction they are aiming for for the loot "philosophy". (Somewhat similar to Borderland as well, just not as wildly tiered). So... at this point, I feel like I lost myself into a rant. What was the point of this post again? Oh yeah... So many forum post complaining about 7D2D sound the same to me as if I was on the Civilization forum reading complaints because it's not a First Person Shooter. Thing is... it never was meant to be one in the first place! But I guess it's the curse of this whole "early access" thing... Loud people fighting to make a game what it was never meant to be in the first place...
  5. Yeah... They should totally be labeled "Consumable" because we all drink Molotov Cocktails at the bar, right? On a more serious note, "Ammo" isn't that bad a label for those because they work more or less like ammos in the sense that it's "non reusable" firepower.
  6. What??? Some people think the current injury system is "Crippling"? O.o I played yesterday for the first time in a while... I was slightly rusty and messed up a bit, ended with Weak, Infected, Deep Laceration(or w/e the name) and Leg Sprained. I shrugged and told myself : "Oh well, that T5 POI is gonna take 5 minutes longer..."
  7. On default settings, I do blood nights with mostly just sledgehammer. I just craft a handful of shotgun slugs for "emergencies". Admittedly, what I do would probably be considered cheesing the AI, but it's not like zombies are supposed to be smart.
  8. Alternatively, you can "break the lock". 7000 hp can take a while pre-steel tools, but that's another option.
  9. Right now is probably the worst moment to buy something new. With all the releases, it's probably better to wait a month or 2. Depending on your budget, it might be better to aim for last generation, depending on price changes. 7DTD might not be crazy optimized(yet), but you don't need the latest and greatest either, especially on the CPU side. Until last year, I was still gaming on a FX 8350. I upgraded to a Ryzen 5 3600, but I haven't seen much difference to be honest. Maybe on some compute-intensive game (like mega factories in Factorio), but other than that, not much to write home about. About resolution, getting 2K was nice... on a 27". If you're on a 22", that would be overkill. And below 32", 4K is probably overkill too. As for GPU, AMD is presenting their new one next week. They had a benchmark preview of it earlier this month (when presenting their new CPU)suggesting it was competitive with the 3080, and there are speculations suggesting that the number presented wasn't even for their biggest GPU. I guess we'll know next week. I'm running the 5700XT so... I'll probably skip this generation. About Intel vs AMD... Yeah, AMD didn't compete with intel at the high end... But they were always competitive in the rest of the spectrum (Except maybe the bulldozer era). There was people claiming "AMD is slower" and I was like "At any price point I care about, AMD is faster!". So, the fact that AMD now compete again with Intel in the high end isn't all that relevant to me because this is at a price point I don't really care about. I guess I just prefer value to flair.
  10. If the "Portable" requirement isn't about gaming, I'd take a look at the cost of buying a gaming desktop + a basic laptop. I wouldn't be surprised you could get both for roughly the same price of a gaming laptop alone, depending where you aim on the performance scale.
  11. Where you should put your point will depends on a lot of factors. The difficulty level, whether you are playing solo or not, if you are more interested in combat, harvesting or base building, etc. For instance, if you want to have solar power in your base, I believe you will required maxed "Better Barter" and in turn at least 9 points in Intelligence. But, if you play multiplayer, there's only 1 that needs to get this, but in solo, you would have no other choice. If you play on the easiest difficulty, you might not need to put much points into weapons skill, but on the hardest, it will be much needed. Personally, I'd suggest choosing a skill tree that fits your play style and divert on an "as needed" basis. And if you find yourself in a situation where you don't like your point distribution, it's always possible to reset them with an item sold at traders (grandpa's forgetting elixir). It's kindda expensive, so use all the tricks to reduce barter price available (Grandpa's awesome sauce, Sugar butts, holding a magnum if you unlocked the perks, having a cigar equiped, etc)
  12. Dishong takes forever, I'd agree... I tend to avoid it these days. But all the other T5 are ok I'd say. Clearing isn't the problem, looting is. I believe my usual clear time fpr Higashi is about 10 minutes if I don't loot (on default settings, higher difficulty would probably be a different story), but then I go back for a full 30-45 minutes to loot. Crack-a-book is even shorter. Though, to be fair, I'm not playing stealth, I pretty much just bull-run through the building. Doing T5 in full stealth mode would indeed take quite long.
  13. That is even more noticeable in the wasteland at night. I was doing Shamway's factory on navezgane. I had wave after wave after wave of zombies flooding in. It was scarier than a blood moon.
  14. I wouldn't say bad luck alone... If he dies 5 times a day, his gamestage would 22 lower than would otherwise be. I'm pretty sure a 22 gamestage difference that early affects the odds of finding a gun quite a lot. Now, if he didn't die at all... And levelup up at a decent pace, that's a totally different story.
  15. I feel you... In my most recent game, I'm closing in on GS 200 and I still didn't find the steel tool schems. I have a T6 pick and T5 shovel and axe. Considering gear crafting is kindda niche (since we can't craft T6) and still gated (we need parts first), I wonder how pertinent it is to still require schematics for all that. My last game, the very first shotgun I found/was available at trader was a T6 pump shotgun.... Having to stick to the blunderbuss that long was a pain.
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