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New Enemy and related Difficulty Option


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So I played through and finished Resident Evil 3 (Both orig and remake) and I thought having a constantly pursuing enemy would be a cool idea for 7D2D.


Essentially have a difficulty option that would spawn a nearly unkillable enemy (Or actually unkillable) at noon the day after the blood moon from the edge of the map.

It would travel at a constant rate when out of spawn view (It would need it's movement to be simulated when out of spawn range)


It would be too big to enter normal doors, would have insane health and would move just under running speed of the player. It would have constant awareness of your location.

It would do massive damage to blocks to reach it's target: you.


The Stalker:


It would have a few options for it's stats: Bold for normal Stats


The following 2 stats are multipliers of the zombie Stat settings for the current server.

Damage: 2x/4x/6x/8x/10x

Block Damage: 2x/4x/6x/8x/10x


Health: High (350% reg zombie)/Very High (700% Reg Zombie)/Insane (1200% Reg Zombie)


Regen: Off/On/Insane

On is equal to Radioactive Regen, insane is double that.


Immortality: Off/On/Unkillable

If on, when HP is depleted the Stalker will collapse and stay still for 10 Minutes, it will get up and move at half speed for 5 more minutes.

If off, when Killed the Stalker will Respawn next BloodMoon at noon (After the moon)


If Unkillable it's HP would never go below 1%, but it's speed would decrease with it's HP. It's Regen would pause when it's HP reaches 10% or lower. As well, it would have a 1% per minute Regen even if Regen is off.


Speed: 100% (Regular, just below player run speed) /125% /150%


Map Marker: On/Off

Whether or not the player can view the Stalker on the map.


Mutative: Off/On

On: Every time the creature has it's HP reduced to 10% of Max, the Stalker will have it's HP increase by 10% of the current max.


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