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No holds barred server 200% loot and xp. Mod: bdubs vehicles


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Hey guys just want to share my server with you all no holds barred 

difficulty: nomad
day: walk
night: run
feral/horde: sprint
loot/xp 200%
max zed:  70 (will increase to make hordes longer)
max animals: 70
day cycle/ length: 120 minuets/ 18 hour 
player, zed, horde damage: 100%
loot respawn: 7 days
death: bag only
horde count: 9 (will increase when cpu and ram is upgraded and server has a larger player base)
air drop marked: 2 days 

number of claims: 5
claim size/ dead zone: 41/20
claim online/ offline: 32X/ 125X
party kill range: 1km

map is a 10K nitrogen map 
max of 30 players (again cpu and ram upgrade will let me go higher) 
server is no wipe and when wipes are required player bases will be saved into prefabs and placed in their respective locations 

discord: https://discord.gg/D5jy8Yx


video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7DaysToDiePC/permalink/3044880698967374/


p.s feedback of the video is welcome :)

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xml mod (doesn’t require download) blocks that make sense to be multi rotation which are locked to simple are now multi rotation. I.e hatches, draw bridges, doors etc 


in the pipeline 

offset lighting doors etc to fit 1/2 blocks and more powered lights otherwise found in creative to be added after bugs and wire position are rectified 

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