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Your favorite single biome maps.


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Im currently progressing on a snow biome and i find it cool. Immersion-wise, im from Canada, so there's a funny sense of déjà vu. The weather variations have been well made and it feels like a real northern country. I enjoy the fact that there's no oil shale and that it'll bring a nice challenge. The only downside is that there's only lumberjack Zs, aside from wandering hordes and sleeping Zs in POIs. But the wildlife is much more present all around. More meat to cook, but more fighting to get it.


I once ran a desert biome map in A18. Wasnt so exciting. The abundance of aloe vers plants helped a lot and the lack of trees isnt so dramatic.


My favorite one was into the infamous Wasteland and i was thee surprised of how i enjoyed it. Felt like Fallout 3 all over again.

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