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Request - Challenging End Game Ideas


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1.    Variable range on wandering horde size, increase with game stage.

2.    Variable wilderness spawn range, perhaps affected by player level.

3.    STORMS - random, mini "horde nights" during the day:  20-90 min; brief environmental warning.  This would start after the 5th (?) HN, then increase frequency.

4.    Variable rare zombie buffs, increase with game stage.  SUBTLE appearance change - make players really pay attention:   armor / heal rate / dmg / lunge affects / knock down.

5.    Vulnerable traders / no building, no loot.  Invest to trade, protect to maintain.  (perhaps the wandering trader version changed to remain within an empty "POI.")

6.    Nerf power tool xp - fast resources is enough.  fast xp as well is op.  E.G. - pick axe takes longer but more xp for a stack of iron vs auger for the same.

7.    Zero item chance for every container except those at the end of a cleared POI.  Decrease zero item chance some with lucky looter.


thanks for considering ( I don't know how to mod ) - I believe any of these changes would help keep the game interesting in its latter stages.

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