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  1. 1. Variable range on wandering horde size, increase with game stage. 2. Variable wilderness spawn range, perhaps affected by player level. 3. STORMS - random, mini "horde nights" during the day: 20-90 min; brief environmental warning. This would start after the 5th (?) HN, then increase frequency. 4. Variable rare zombie buffs, increase with game stage. SUBTLE appearance change - make players really pay attention: armor / heal rate / dmg / lunge affects / knock down. 5. Vulnerable traders / no building, no loot. Invest to trade, protect to maintain. (p
  2. my mod idea: Simple but meaningful re-balance with less time shifting though your inventory, a bit more time crafting, several tactically-sound options for building your skills and play style, and a longer game play without experienced players feeling early game sped into late game without much mid-game. skill tree re-balance: Miner 69er & Lucky looter & Better barter are premium skills that now cost points equal to the next level. Max item level (looted, made, or bought) is 1+ your level (always that for made items, random with a cap for the others). Powered tools & c
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