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True 7 Days Nightmare mode


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I had a friend that brought up an idea he is interested in for our server. Details below:


Bloodmoon Nightmare Mode:
New option to change how many respawns each player has:

       There could actually be two options here:

            Individual player respawns max

            Total number of respawn pool for everyone

            I.E - each player get 3 respawns, but the total number of respawns is 10. So, if if there are 5 players, each can only die 2 times each, or one could die 3 times, and another could only die once.

New option to enable/disable map reset to revert map to original state after everyone dies:

        Maybe create temp folder in worlds folder for changes then delete folder after everyone dies

New option to enable/disable server reset after BM

Existing option XP MP to chosen level

Existing option BM Duration to chosen level

Existing options to make zombies harder to kill

Existing option to make map small-ish to limit resource usage during reset


I know this will be a nightmare to program, if it is even possible with the current game set up. With that said, I think it will add a new excitement to the game, and add a new player base to support the game.


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