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Looking for new server

Zodom Mortarion

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Hi all,


So, I'm looking to join a very particular dedicated hard PVE modded sever that features pvp arena. The basics of what I'd like to have in the server in question:


1) open to all productive suggestions

2) unique player events on the server IS A MUST I'd really love to be in on a city to city race etc

3) easy to use commands for navigating server such as visiting your pals and protecting your base

4) select pvp arena events when 19 is complete

5) allot of added building assets from mods

6) Good server admins who aren't just those types that only attend to their special snowflakes alone and just pretend to help the new guys.

7) Must be a mature server with mature admins that enjoy dark and lewd humor


With that said, if you think you know of the server feel free to let me know. Thanks 

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