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  1. Not quite, it is good to know yes that you can use mods for spears, but clearly I'm talking about new kind of spear mods that would make it where you can have a "quiver" for them and make them essentially explosive the way fire mods behave in the forest where you just strap lit molotov to each individual spear. Also, in regards to trader to trader quest; what if this could be expanded on where you have more intersection between all the traders such as each trader having their own faction of gangs you can work for? Talked about this allot with my friends who play and I do think it could add allot of extra spice to the game. Another thing I'd like to know that I don't think has been stated: will these trader to trader quests only be available at certain tiers or are they outside of that?
  2. Along with the new books for spears, are we going to see mods for them? For example, provided they make fire damage better I'd love to see Molotov spears like you can fasten together in Forest.
  3. I disagree entirely with the way allot of people are choosing to frame the discussion. First, why does this even have to be a binary case? Second, just because the most easily recognizable cases of lock picking games have been drab and repetitive affairs in the most touted examples in fallout and elder scrolls =/= therefore ANY conception of how lockpicking minigame could be implemented and work for an active real time survival game such as this shouldn't even be considered. In bioshock, for instance, you had a really awesome nuanced kinda hacking/unlock mechanic where you had to align the pipes before the liquid ran through to the end of the maze in time. For this game, I can imagine you could instead of having a typical bobby pin and screw turning game you could have perhaps ONLY for big gun safes and more secure storage disarm game for when its rigged such as at high security facilities and military bases. Meanwhile, all the low end desk safes and the like can just keep the dice roll system. Seems like a pretty effective solution, or at the very least; worked in as a temporary kind of fix
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