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Resource exclusion panel


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Hi, love the game but one of the things which makes me insanely mad about this game is I'm constantly collecting materials I don't want. If I hit a trash bag to get it out of the way it I get mats I don't want, when I collect wood I get seeds I don't want, when I break birds nests i get grass i don't want, when I break a window, when I try to hit an animal and hit the ground too, when I harvest animals, cars, anything!, it's endless and constantly happening. I have to throw out stuff constantly and it is so frustrating, especially when you have limited bag space.


So my suggestion is make a resource exclusion panel. When we collect a material for the first time it is added to the list and each item has a checkbox next to it so we can choose to no longer collect that item. Add a menu option besides 'drop' to each item like 'drop and exclude' so we don't have to open the panel each time to exclude a new item. Also have on the panel a toggle button to suspend collecting and resume collecting. And the standard 'clear selection' button ofc. You can also have those items we don't want to appear on the ground like all discarded mats just in case we noob it, but only the things i choose to go into my bags.


I feel in a game like this such a resource collection management panel is essential.


Thanks. :)

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