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  1. I would like to be able to add x's or other markings on the map for buildings I've searched in an area without my on screen directional bar becoming a sea of markings. There are some things I simply want to keep a record of, and there are other things i need to know the direction of as I travel. Usually they are not the same thing. So please add the ability for us to make marks on the map without it showing up on the compass directional bar in our game screen.
  2. Hi, love the game but one of the things which makes me insanely mad about this game is I'm constantly collecting materials I don't want. If I hit a trash bag to get it out of the way it I get mats I don't want, when I collect wood I get seeds I don't want, when I break birds nests i get grass i don't want, when I break a window, when I try to hit an animal and hit the ground too, when I harvest animals, cars, anything!, it's endless and constantly happening. I have to throw out stuff constantly and it is so frustrating, especially when you have limited bag space. So my suggestion i
  3. Pls stop making damaged wooden frames magically immovable objects. Just have the frame shatter if we try to pick it up damaged. Then we still have to repair it if we want to keep it but we can get it out of the way in an emergency. Having to try to repair it just to move it out of the way when you're getting attacked is ridiculous. I just died because of this mechanic. I didn't even know it was damaged and when i went to escape I was trapped and died. It makes no sense at all that we cannot pick things up just because they have a scratch.
  4. I don't know if this is a bug or an oversight, but please change the mechanics for big cats and coyotes and small wolves who you stab, then they run away for 30 secs, then come back, then you stab, then they run away again for 30 secs, then they come back again, over and over and over and over. It's pretty ridiculous. And they aren't zombies so you cannot blame bad mechanics on these like you do with birds. Have them either flee for good or stay and fight. Anything is better than this.
  5. There seems to be a lot of varying bugs with missing Traders but here is a solution for one of those bugs I encountered. I could enter the shop but there was no trader behind the counter. I restarted and same thing. Out of frustration i hit his counter with my stone axe but i actually got a "blood spatter" from that. So I did little jumps (cramped room) and I could just see the top of his head. He is still behind the counter but either his model has pancaked flat or he is mostly in the ground. Clicking on him during a micro jump still let me trade with him.. Hope it helps.
  6. How come to make 'bottled water' I have to make 'bottled murky water', then remove it from the fireplace and put it in my backpack, then take it out of my backpack and put it back in to the fireplace like an insane person. How is taking it out and putting it back in any different than leaving it in longer? You've added superfluous actions which make no sense. You used to choose to make 'bottled murky water' or 'bottled water'. If it takes longer to make 'bottled water' then increase the cook time for 'bottled water' . P.S also link the fireplace inventory to the crafting options which wil
  7. See that's brilliant and immersion friendly. It's sensible, logical and reasonable. I hope the Fun Pimps are listening.
  8. Yes, I guess that's what my problem is, immersion is a real factor in why I play this game. It's also why I only give myself one life, if I die i have to start a new game map .It sounds crazy but it gives your one life great value and you really feel the fear when you're running for your life. It makes you genuinely fearful and makes the game genuinely thrilling. It also gives you a meaningful target. I try to make it to 100 days with one life. There is no other meaningful objective in a "survival" game where you can just respawn. It's also why I'm so pissed at the lack of anitbiotics. If I ge
  9. Do you even read what I wrote before reacting?? You missed the point i was making . I said "I'm happy with the scarcity of loot" but my suggestion was in shops which are for specific items, make the probability of finding those items a higher % chance. Even on 25% looting three pharmacies and not getting a single antibiotic makes no sense in my opinion. Maybe in stores have a unique box or shelf that has a higher % chance for that item. And the second part of my comment was unopened boxes by definition have not been looted yet and should always contain items. As i said, did the store order
  10. I found this out recently, now when you destroy a nest you usually get two feathers and some cloth. So now you can always complete the starter quests immediately.
  11. Well I play the game on insane and at 25% loot drop and every other most difficult setting and I'm happy with the scarcity of loot, makes it fun for me, but I don't think you have sensible % loot chance at stores. I scoured from top to bottom 3 pop-a-pills in a row and didn't find one single antibiotic. I went to what... over 80 pill cases and not one antibiotic?? Even on 25%, at an antibiotic store, don't you think that's a bit silly? I can understand low loot out in the world but in the places which stock and sell an item don't you think the chances should be higher? (Don't even get me start
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