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Can't buy skills

Mr Smith 9000

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So I've had this problem off and on, noticed the other day when I tried to purchase engineering 3 in intellect. The mouse pointer becomes a white arrow like when you're in Windows instead of the grey arrow looking pointer from game. I then try to click to buy (have enough intellect and points) and it just clicks, no noise as if I'm not. This only happens on some skills. I can buy others. Last time I used a forget it elixir and I was then able to get the skills I needed while others had the same issue. I used the elixir again because I couldn't buy Grease Monkey 1, and now I can't buy anything I need, not even a point in intellect. The shopping cart is unclickable. I have a horde night coming and I really don't want to fight it with no points in anything lol, so I logged out. I verified files and all passed. 


Anyone else run into this?

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I had the same problem. 

even when i closed the game, and went into paint, my cursor would change from the paintbrush, to a regular cursor, when hovering over the middle right of my screen (right where u would click the cart to buy your skill)




- hit ctrl + shift + esc, to get task manager up, scroll all the way down(for me) and close "xbox game bar", or "microsoft game bar". w.e.


that fixes it for me every time. hope this helps someone.


i had to spend 5 minutes making a "strong" password just to submit this forum post......




nekro info:  when i googled this problem 2 days ago, this was one of the first results. which means maybe, someone, someday will also have this problem and come across this page, and this info might help them.  sorry if it pushes this up to the top of some list on this website, but i think people googling might appreciate the info.

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