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  1. What happens if you drink a grandpa's forget it elixir? Do you still have 0 points?
  2. Having the same issue, started last night when I decided to use my brand new lvl 4 auger to get some mining done. You should definitely post your dump files and all that for the mods to take a look. My save was apparently corrupted from crashes.
  3. GL was one of the fixes someone recommended for crashes I was experiencing. In what way is the save corrupted? New to this, trying learn. I'd really hate to start over again 🤦‍♂️
  4. Did you figure out a fix? I have to log out every time it happens. This just started today. Can do everything except look up or down. Oh and when I alt tabbed to come here and went back, the whole world was tilted at a 45 degree angle. output_log__2020-08-12__19-19-58.txt
  5. Seems like when I put on military gloves my hands disappear. Not game breaking, but silly.
  6. So I've had this problem off and on, noticed the other day when I tried to purchase engineering 3 in intellect. The mouse pointer becomes a white arrow like when you're in Windows instead of the grey arrow looking pointer from game. I then try to click to buy (have enough intellect and points) and it just clicks, no noise as if I'm not. This only happens on some skills. I can buy others. Last time I used a forget it elixir and I was then able to get the skills I needed while others had the same issue. I used the elixir again because I couldn't buy Grease Monkey 1, and now I can't buy anything
  7. Norton 360, and apparently you have to put the folder in 2 different whitelists in its settings. I googled it after what you said, so thank you. Once I put those settings in, those 4 files that were always being restored/verified stopped being corrupted. Fingers crossed everyone. but I've played 2 days now with no crashes including 2 blood moons. Only problem I have now is I can't level up certain skills, like grease monkey. The top corner says 1/3 learned, but there are 5 stages to buy. I can't buy the 2nd one which is frustrating since I'd like a motorcycle. Also doe
  8. 1000w power supply, everything seems connected properly, nothing overclocked. It seems like if I verify the files and it fixes those 4 every time I play, it's less likely to crash. Is it normal to try and open the windows dump file with the program you listed and get a permission issue that I can't open?
  9. So I removed everything, re-download the game and the files verified. Was going fine, played about 1.5 hours and then BSOD. Now I never get those on anything else I play. I rebooted and verified files again. 4 had to be redone. Not sure what those 4 are but they keep reappearing, maybe everytime I crash they get corrupted? Unfortunately when it crashes that hard, it doesn't have time to make a crash dump in the game folder. My event viewer just says unexpected shutdown. Thought maybe the game was overheating my processor but it's consistently around 53 C with water cooling while playing. Put 7
  10. I can't remember adding any mods, so that's weird. I verified 3 times already and each time there's 4 files reacquired. The reboot comes every time I crash lol. I'll look for this mod that's hanging around. Are you saying I should delete my old save games?
  11. I'm a long time fan of the game, and I've been eager for A19 to drop, but lately I can't even play. I'll get crashes while playing, could be 20 mins in, could be an hour. Sometimes it's just the game, and sometimes it crashes the entire computer. I don't get crashes on any other games, and my rig should be able to handle whatever gets thrown at it. i9-9900k processor, 16GB RAM, with Geforce RTX 2080. I followed a bunch of online advice, from disabling the anti-cheat to turning off motion blur. GPU drivers are up to date as well. Hoping someone more knowledgeable on here might be able to help
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