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NPC/Animal companion idea?


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Just an idea...


An idea to have animal or NPC as companion...

Wolf, Crows, parrots, etc for Animal. Which act like A18 Junk turret, Need repairing and use meat as ammo for attacks, kept in inventory. Right click to deploy. R to reload. Need "Animal first aid treatment" to repair. (Dont talk about realism when you can build a building out from your inventory). Each type having different specialist field of operation. ie.

  • Wolf can sneak better and spot zombies/enemies (for bandits).
  • Husky can fetch arrows/bolts/etc. And perhaps loot?
  • Parrot can fly and spot open-field zombies/enemies.
  • Vulture can attack and cause bleed on enemies.
  • Snake have lower health, and entity damage, but ignored by most enemies.
  • Bear have the most health and damage, but create alot of noise.


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