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Hey, i like to challenge myself in this game, so when i die its game over for me. i play on survivalist and Insane mostly but there are other ways of creating a challenge as you well know.

not all challenges create a fun game in the long run, like horde every night or having no base. so far my personal favorite is lowering the difficulty to adventurer ( or something you feel is to easy i normal circumstanses and then set zombies to nightmare (always sprint). alot of action, and a good reason put points into stealth, stamina, parkour etc.

so anyone else playing with some tweaked settings and rules that make the game awesome? i would love to get some ideas!


Here is a fun little story of my last game.


I recently tried a Nitrogen wasteland only map on warrior difficulty. 

decided to go Fortitude while going through a tier 3 house right next to where i spawned. 

The house was a bit to much to take on day one but the dogs had allready spawned, so i needed to get myself a blunderbuss to so i could try to move on, then i heard a bear outside, and zombies started to pound on the outside walls while i was still clearing the house from the inside, night was closing in as i had to clear the last room to create some sort of defences for the upcoming horde.

as i entered the last room in the basement 6 zombies stood up from what apeared to be graves in the basement, as i was fighting the zombies a zombie bear fell through the roof right in front of me and i ran back managing to block the door with a frame in the next room and i actually managed to kill the bear with my leather straps using the well known door frame trick. As i killed the bear the bells of night was rung and with it the screach of a Feral wight punching trought the walls on the first floor. I ran barly managing to block the second entrance to the room i was in with a frame. but the wight had allready entered the house. as the feral wight was punshing through my wood block i didnt have enough time to switch between upgrading and hitting the zombie so it broke through and i was still blocked the other way where the bear had tried to enter, and thats how i died on day one.



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