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Help with 100% HDD use and FPS.

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If you bring up task manager and notice your machine using 95 to 100% HDD (Disk) and the process SysMain as the one doing it, try this simple task.  Open file explorer, go to your HDD (C:) drive properties and do a disk clean up.  At the disk clean up, checkmark everything and press the 'Clean up system files'.   When it is done, bring up your task manager again and you will notice your disk usage drop within a couple of minutes.


As far as FPS,  start with lowest video settings at your desired resolution and work your way up until you get the desired settings.  It will also help if you have a program that can monitor the CPU and GPU temps so you can see if your machine is slowing down because of temperature.   I had this issue.  The CPU got up to 203F(95C).  Had to tweak down a couple of settings to get it to run correctly.   Keep in mind if you play multiplayer you may need to tweak down a bit further to compensate for people planting forests of trees are building large structures in commonly used areas.  This may slow your FPS down do to server chunk loads on slower machines and could even result in a game crash if you are at max settings for your machine.


Hope this helps those still trying to get the game to run as smooth as possible.


Sorry posted in wrong section.  Posted it again in General discussion to help others.  Please remove this double post. Thanks

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