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nullreference Missing ingameMenu


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Summary: Whitelist not giving the 8 admins access to any console commands on server (two of them) 
Error on Client :Missing ingameMenu  Nullreference


Game Version: A19 B-173

Platform: PC

OS/Version: Windows

CPU Model: Intel i7 4790k

System Memory: 16gig

GPU Model and VRAM: AMD R9 290

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Video Settings: Custom Medium (shadows, water off)

Game mode: Dedicated windows server - Survival


Did you wipe old saves? Yep

Did you start a new game? Yep

Did you validate your files? Yep

Are you using any mods? Nope

EAC on or off? tried Both


Status: NEW


Bug Description: No access to Serverside commands from Whitelist and unable to hit escape to access game menu


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


1)Verified files, reinstalled server Persisted.

2) reinstalled 7 days, latest experimental, Reinstalled server.  Still there.



Actual result: 


ok, updated servers... new everything. Added in serveradmin.xml 
Started servers, RWG map, no errors in logs that were not persistent from before.
updated my client, Now getting this : image.png.76aa4f23e645f1310c35d3820947bb50.png

Expected result: Escape to bring up menu so I do not have to Alt-F4 to exit
Console commands to work on server.

And.... Found the problem.  
Server did not properly update.  Waiting on Server to update.... 😃 Will see then.

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