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Street loot spawn


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Curious guys I am by no means a modder but I am decently adept at adjusting the config XMLs to adjust gameplay to my liking. I have recently downloaded the ravenhurst mod ( awesome job by these guys ) and adjusted it to my play style ( I only play solo ). I know before when I would adjust these files I could edit what spawned on the street or in certain biomes.  An example would be supply drop crates spawning in the road or backpacks spawning in the roll forest biome. This was alpha 16 or so. Now with the addition of the mod folder I know I have to go there to edit any installed mods. The problem I'm having is I don't see where the street spawn table is? Before there was a list of everything that could spawn on the street. I would just add items to my liking. Where would I find, in the xml files, the list of spawns for a specific biome or area so that I could add things to my liking? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys


one more thing. If I wanted to spawn a fully operational truck or mini bike is that possible to add it to the biome loot spawn table? If so is it an easy adjustment? Thanks 

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