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Kicking from Server +Other Issues


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Have been in a mostly fine running server for a while now since A19 has come out. We were somewhere between day 56-65 and my game started kicking me out every so often, lasting max 10-15 minutes. Started where it was just a little laggy periodically, began not letting me into chests or vehicles for extended periods of times. If I was driving it acted as if it was running me into an invisible wall and bouncing me back and then would launch me forward or sideways as well as some other strange buggy things. Sometimes zombies other characters would start moving in place and then it would act fine for another few minutes or sometimes that would happen and then I would be kicked back to home menu. Received no bug report pop up when it did so. I cleared all data as recommended on one of the bug report pages, restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled my game etc and it still continued to do it so our whole group quit playing for the evening.  Some of us got on today for a little side server attempt and it is working fine for the server owner (me) but it's now doing the same thing to others who try to join as well as not even letting one person all the way in the server. (This happened to someone else on the later day server previously discussed as well). We can find no solutions despite searching the forums, trying the clear data, verifying files, reinstalling the whole game, etc etc. Please help! 

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